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Minimum Facebook Ad Budget When YOU Are Just Starting Out

Want to know what an appropriate minimum Facebook ad budget is?

A lot of new authors just starting out with Facebook ads ask me what budget they should start with when it comes to Facebook advertising.

In this article I'll talk about what I think a good minimum Facebook ad budget is...

And give you a starting Facebook ad budget range.

I'll also talk about how to adjust your Facebook ad budget for your specific circumstances, how you should think about this number and how that should change as time goes on.

Hello, I'm Chase Austin, Bestselling author of Sam Wick Thrillers, and let's get started.

So, the first question that I'm going to address here is;

Q. Is it okay to start with a really small budget like $5 daily?

What Should Be The Minimum Facebook Ad Budget?

Now it could be five pounds or euros or any other currency and that means spending 150 a month.

My answer to this question is yes, you can start with a very small budget.

The most important step to getting good results from Facebook advertising like every other paid marketing tool like Amazon ads or BookBub ads is by getting your feet wet.

Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes and learn fast, so you can start with a small budget but don't think that a budget of five dollars a day or something like that is going to do anything incredible for your books or business.

For me, a low budget is useful for testing, and then once you find the right ad then scale it with higher budgets.

What Should Be The Minimum Facebook Ad Budget?

Second thing.

Low budget ads aren't going to be a needle mover for your books.

And that's because you just have to think about how any sort of advertising platforms like Amazon or Facebook works.

Think, if you are getting a 5X return on your ads. That means by spending $1 you are generating $5.

Every month, you will be generating $750 on a spend of $150 which is not hugely exciting especially if you are me.

If you want to start running a campaign on five dollars a day and you are seeing a 5x return on that spend you should be very excited not because of the money that the ad is generating


Because you can very quickly and easily scale that budget to a number like $1000 a month in ad spend so that your sales be in the range of $5000 a month.

So, when you are getting started, the most important thing is not necessarily the number but the mindset.

What Should Be The Minimum Facebook Ad Budget?

Authors generally are like a one-person company with limited resources and a lot of things on their plate.

If you are like me then you probably don't have much money to play with especially when you are starting and that's why using the lowest Facebook ad budget is not a terrible place to start, bearing in mind that it's for testing.

If you have the right mindset and you are constantly learning. Once you reach a certain level of proficiency and have some money from your books then you can think of scaling your ad budgets.

Your starting budget or your minimum budget also depends on your


What I would always recommend is that you start with something small,

start with something that you can afford to lose.

You should never go broke because of a Facebook ad campaign.

You should not be spending your rent money on a Facebook ad campaign.

But you equally need to spend something that can help you in learning the Facebook ads and then how to run them to sell more books.

What Should Be The Minimum Facebook Ad Budget?

There are many authors for whom five dollars a day or $150 a month means absolutely nothing. They won't be even bothered checking it.

So, start with a number that matters to you. That you going to care about because then you're going to go and put time and effort into improving the campaign so that it will start working.

In a nutshell, you are looking at a minimum budget. You're looking

at a sweet spot where you can afford to lose it but it's not going to hurt you financially.

Now you might say but what's the point in losing $150 a month or $900 over six months just on testing.

What Should Be The Minimum Facebook Ad Budget?

So, you might lose the nine hundred dollars over the next six months of testing but if you compare this loss with what you could gain once you have that winning ad that can give you even a 5X return on your ad which you can scale as much as you want and still five times your money every day then, in my opinion, it is worth the risk.

And think of this testing as a way to learn the ad platform that could be a

a consistent generator of customers for your books.

It's absolutely worth the risk because after those six months of testing you will have a marketing channel that can consistently and reliably generate customers for you.

And that is our goal through any marketing channel - to get a consistent stream of customers.

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If you just have a question on how to get started or you are confused about something, leave a comment and I'll answer it.



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