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How to Use the Author Landing Page to Promote Your Work (with Examples)

Sometimes, all you need is one high converting landing page to bring in the big bucks.

In this guide, I will dig into the elements of successful landing pages and show you how to create landing pages that convert well, every time.

The guide will cover:

Let's start then,

What is a landing page?

A Landing Page for authors is a standalone website page created to advertise a product or service.

Here you get to talk about the benefits and features of that book, while also offering readers a great deal on the item at hand.

For authors, a landing page is ideal if you want to promote your work and have as many people as possible learn more about it and test it out.

How is a landing page different from a normal web page?

The landing page is focused on marketing and advertising a certain product. It’s informative too, but it also has a sales focus in mind every time.

Not all web pages are focused on sales, hence the major difference between the two.

You can use a landing page for almost any purpose – to capture email leads, sell a book or product, invite people to a conference or webinar, make an announcement or offer a discount … the choice is yours.

But, that purpose needs to be clear and linked to an appropriate call-to-action

Why do landing pages convert so well?

They are designed from the ground up with conversions and value in mind. They target a certain issue that the reader is facing, they explain how that book can help.

Effective landing pages are often standalone web pages with a single focus; a call to action pointed at your target audience --> Hopefully this is a lead magnet for you.

You absolutely need to make the landing page a positive user experience to get a higher conversion on email marketing. If you do it right, then this is fast, seamless and it conveys amazing results every time.

Which is why a landing page is so powerful and reliable in the first place.


11 Tops Tips to Create an Awesome Landing Page

Create a headline focused on benefits

You always want the headline to show how customers can benefit from the product itself. It’s important to note that around 70% of the visitors will bounce off your page. If you want to keep the number low, you do want to make sure that you know what people want and offer them an insight into that. The headline shows what you are talking about, what you can offer and how this offer benefits your readers. From there, you can generate lots of leads and customers.

Share an image illustrating the offer

You need to add images to your book landing page because they convey certain feelings and emotions. More often than not, emotions are the ones that will help you identify what you want to achieve and how you can push the limits in a creative manner. Some images might work better when compared to others. That’s why testing them and narrowing down what works for you is ideal, just to ensure that everything works as you would expect. That makes the process better and more convenient thanks to that.

Create content that’s compelling

While you do need to spend time creating a great headline, you shouldn’t just stop there. People that are interested in the headline expect your content to be just as compelling. You want the content to be concise, clear and you want to speak directly to the visitor and his needs. If you do that, you will bring in a lot more attention and value. It’s the ideal approach and the benefits that you can get from this can be nothing short of extraordinary.

Place your lead form above the fold

This is important because filling the form is one of the main purposes behind creating a landing page. What you want to do here is to ensure that you have the form very easy to access at any given time. You don’t want readers to waste time scrolling. If it’s available as soon as they open the page, then the chances of them actually filling the form and using it properly can indeed make a huge difference. It’s a very cohesive and clever idea that will convey some good results, once you start using it appropriately and focus on bringing the best possible results.

Add a call to action

Every Landing Page for authors needs to have a call to action. After all, the main purpose of the page is to generate an action, be it to sign up via a form, buy something or anything in between. You want to have a great, enticing call to action that shows customers exactly what you want to do. This is going to help a lot, because it allows you to guide your audience and they will understand the requirement. It just makes everything a whole lot better and easier.

Provide a relevant offer

When you create the landing page, you want to be certain that the offer is relevant to your audience. Making sure that your customers are getting value or something in return is a crucial aspect here, otherwise there can be challenges that might arise. That’s certainly something to take into consideration as much as possible. It’s one of the things that you do not want to miss, so do that and the benefits can indeed be second to none.

Avoid asking for more than what you need

Why is it important? You want to show readers that yes, their information is safe and they can trust you. If you ask more than what you need, that might not really be a sign that you respect everything properly and it can lead to various issues. It’s crucial to take your time and avoid any rush here, and in the end the benefits are among some of the best. That’s what matters after all, building trust, and with the proper approach you can do that.

Remove any type of navigation

When someone visits the landing page, their main focus should be on the page alone, and nothing else. If you add internal links or any other links, that will detract the attention of your viewer and it’s not going to be ok. What you really need to do here is to remove any links from the page. Let it be a self-contained page with the right information, a good call to action and all the elements that will generate conversions for you. As soon as you do that, it will be easier to achieve the benefits and results you want.

Create a responsive page

You need to understand that landing page viewers will come from a variety of devices. Some might come from mobile devices, others will arrive from all kinds of gadgets and so on. The most important thing you can do is to create a Landing Page for authors that’s not only very easy to use, but also extremely responsive. The responsive website design is very impressive, efficient and it helps get the job done in no time. You can promote your offers and also offer a native experience to every user. It’s the right approach and the ideal thing to do.

Always optimize for search

You should always consider making sure that you use the right keywords on your landing page. After all, you want people to find you online, so having the best keywords can actually make the right difference. It’s a very good idea to perform keyword research, and you also want to use some keywords with paid ads. The more exposure you get to the landing page, the better the results you will have. Include relevant keywords that are also known to generate traffic. If you can find goldmine keywords that have plenty of traffic and which can give more exposure to your content, then that’s a bonus and something you do not want to miss.

Create a Thank You/Welcome to the community page

It’s important to show your respect and appreciation to people that are actively using your website or which access the landing page. There are many reasons why you want to have such a page, as you might imagine. For starters, this shows that you are respectable, honest and you can deliver on the offer that you promised. You also get to interact with your new lead in a very creative and unique manner. Not only that, but you can show your appreciation and that goes a long way when it comes to creating a repeat customer in the long term.

An example of such a page


TWO Landing Page Templates

Email Signup Page Template

The email signup page is designed to collect emails from readers, and in return you provide something like a report, ebook or anything of value. The email signup page structure is the following:

  • You must have a headline, showing what the customers can receive from you.

  • Then you need to create a detailed sub-headline which shows more details about your offer

  • The hero image needs to show what the reader is going to receive in return for their email address.

  • After that you must add the above the fold CTA where you encourage them to share their email address with you

  • Add a feature list with all the benefits that you can provide with your solutions

  • Social proofing, in the form of reviews or testimonials from social media can really make a difference.

  • Now you want to add a second CTA at the end to encourage people to sign up and share their email address.

Lead Gen Page Template

  • The headline needs to focus on sharing an offer oriented on the benefits users can receive

  • Add the hero image, it helps provide a visual of what the person can receive

  • The first call to action needs tom show the benefits of the guide, while encouraging the person to sign up.

  • Key details need to be short, to the point, and in bullet points if possible.

  • It’s ok to add a fine print in the form of FAQs, as they go a long way when it comes to generating trust.

  • At the end, include a Last Chance CTA that encourages the person to sign up once again.


My 4 Favorite Landing Page Examples

Fav 1

Fav 2

Fav 3

Fav 4


Advanced Landing Page Conversion Strategies

The most important thing when it comes to landing pages is to have the right strategies that will generate more leads and benefits in the long run. With that in mind, here are the top strategies you want to pursue.

Turn the about page into a landing page

The about page can talk about you and your business, but it can also be a landing page with keywords and offers that generate conversions or leads. You can start improving on your page and then go from there, based on the situation at hand and the features you have in mind.

Remove the site navigation

A Landing Page for authors doesn’t need any navigation. They must capture the user attention and focus on delivering the best possible results. That’s what makes them well worth it, and the reason why you want to eliminate any website navigation as much as possible.

Use the confirmation page to obtain lateral conversions

You can also generate conversions for other offers. It all comes down to transforming the confirmation page into a lead page towards other offers. It’s a very good aspect and one that can help quite a bit. A squeeze page for authors is very efficient, and it will bring in great results for you as an author.

Use video

Videos are important because they can show off the main features you provide, they can also bring in more attention towards your business. Plus, you can generate more leads, videos become viral, and it’s a lot easier to educate your client base this way.



It’s very important to create a Landing Page for authors that’s efficient, easy to browse, but which helps sell your book in a creative manner. You want to push the boundaries and have a squeeze page for authors that really makes a huge difference. It’s not easy, since there are so many other authors out there. But if you stick to the things you want to show and bring in something new, results can be amazing.

At the end of the day, a good Landing Page for authors needs to include all the ideas listed above. You can always try to implement your own personal preferences if you want. However, stick to the framework above as a base, and then you can adapt everything to your needs. It helps eliminate concerns, while bringing in something different and engaging to the audience.

Create a great Landing Page for authors, and you won’t have problems selling your book!


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