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8 Stunning Facebook Ad Ideas Your Book Readers Will Love

In this post, I'll talk about the Facebook ad ideas book readers respond to and not only respond but they in fact love these.

Here's what I understand seeing you hovering over this article and correct me if I'm wrong in the comments.

You are an author. Published or not published yet, doesn't matter. You want to sell your books beyond your friends and family


You think Facebook Ads are a good way to sell


You're not sure how to maximize its impact on your book sales.

Now, since you are here so I assume that you already know that Facebook marketing can be one of the most effective ways to market your books and increase your influence as an author.


Great that we are on the same page.

The reason for this huge impact of Facebook on your book sales is primarily due to few reasons though

  1. 2.45 billion active users daily of Facebook

  2. 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners

This means you’re bound to find a fan base ready to buy and pre-order your next book.

For non-techie or authors with no marketing background, Facebook can feel like an endless learning curve, with constant updates, changes in the algorithm, and new ad features, making it a bit hard to keep up.


If you pass through all that (or not), you'll find that these eight stunning Facebook ad ideas can sure grab your ideal reader and help him or her discover your book.

So, let's start.

1. Let Your Ad Highlight Your Amazing Book Cover

If you are a newbie, then no one cares that you have one of the best novels in the world unless they like you book cover, the book blurb and the story hook.

I mean the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" is out the door with new readers who had just discovered you.

This makes a book cover one of the most critical aspects of marketing a book. And an unprofessional cover means guaranteed sale loss.

“Aspiring authors, get this through your head, Cover art serves one purpose, and one purpose only, to get potential customers interested long enough to pick up the book to read the back cover blurb. In the internet age that means the thumb nail image needs to be interesting enough to click on. That’s what covers are for.”
Larry Correia

Studies have shown that people can recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later.

In comparison to about 10% of the written content three days after it's read.

Apart from your readers, having a fantastic book cover is also essential if you're going to use it for your Facebook ad as it's one of the best practices for Facebook ads, an eye-catching image.

2. Host a Book Giveaway

As an avid reader that I consider myself, giveaways where the thrill of getting my favorite book or maybe my favorite series all at once means a ton.

Now hosting a giveaway isn't as scary as it used to be with multiple platforms like these.

The only thing you need is a series that is already published with a small fan base that will propel the buzz around your giveaway.

This will be more effective if you already have a growing fan base around your books.

Facebook Ad Giveaway

Now here are five things you should consider when you host your giveaway using Facebook ads:

Create a landing page for your giveaway to collect emails or names (to use for remarketing ads later).

Keep track of your giveaway entries. Adjust your ad budget based on the audience response.

Promote and share your giveaway on your website and other social media platforms to help increase exposure.

Have clear and concise guidelines. Don't complicate your entry method as it could turn people away from entering.

Have a start and end date and then announce your winner on social media and via email to inform contestants that you've selected a winner.

3. Offer A Free Chapter or Book or a Special Report

Chase Austin Website Home page

This is a tried and tested tactic that you must have seen at the supermarkets, especially during the weekend, where people handing out free samples of a new or current product.

I know this is an old trick but who says that it is outdated. Based on your your own consumption behavior, you will agree with me on this - Take a small bite, and the next thing you know, you're buying the whole packet.

Create a Facebook ad offering your audience to a free chapter or an entire book for free. Get emails and upsell them a four book bundle at a discount. or request reviews of your book on Amazon, your website, and any other online platforms to help increase your book credibility.

4. Nothing can beat a 5-Star Readers Review or a Bestseller Tag

No amount of ad copy can convince a customer to purchase your book quicker than customer reviews or that bestseller tag on your book.

Don't believe me?

Spiegel Research Center found that nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.

Not only that, but reviews make 71% of customers more comfortable purchasing a product. Gather your best customer reviews and use them as captions for your next Facebook ad and see your book sell like hot cakes.

5. Create a Video for your Book

In 2020, about 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through videos, and Cisco predicted that the video would even make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2021.

So it's safe to say that adding a video to your book's Facebook ad is a plus to increase clicks, views, and sales. Facebook now offers three variations of video Facebook ads: In-stream, Feed, and Story video Facebook ads.

I use a software called Invideo to create my ads in all formats, shapes and sizes and the best thing is you can start creating a video for FREE.

Invideo Facebook Ad Templates

I like Invideo because of its responsive and easy to use platform.

6. Create a Checklist or a Workbook or just share wallpapers

For authors with books in niches like motivation, writing, self-help, business, etc., it is a good idea to attract readers with a free report, workbook or a checklist.

This kind of content is known as a lead magnet. This also helps build credibility and allows you to engage, build, and maintain a community of readers who believe in your message.

7. Offer Exclusivity

As an author, you can not just stop with your current book. Create a Facebook ad promoting your next book and request and offer exclusive access to the first chapter or the entire book at a discounted price!

Everyone wants that feeling of exclusivity before the book goes to the mass market.

8. Virtual Book Launch Event

This is important as you also needs time to unwind and enjoy the day when your book goes live.

Create a Facebook event and use ads to grab a few RSVPs.

Few things to take care of to ensure the success of your book launch party:

  • Pick the right time for the event

  • Pick an ideal location if you are looking for a bookstore, rented space, or party venue.

  • Try having a themed book launch to celebrate your book.

  • Try to get as many RSVPs as you can to have an idea of how many people plan to attend.

  • Take out your email list, send out a few invites.

  • Along with advertising on Facebook, use your other social media platforms to promote your event. Go live on IGTV or send live updates on Twitter.

  • Have a space or a book store link to sell your book at your book launch event. You want to capture enough sales and attention as you can, so set up a bookstand or stall to encourage on-site sales.

  • Follow up after your event. Send thank you emails or create a post showing your appreciation for all the support you received that day.


Marketing your book doesn't have to be tedious, with the right idea and guides you're Facebook ad will be increasing sales in no time.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to marketing your book, here is a quick recap of what we have just covered in the Facebook ideas I know your readers will love.

  1. Let Your Ad Highlight Your Amazing Book Cover

  2. Host a Book (Series) Giveaway

  3. Offer A Free Book or Chapter or a report

  4. Nothing can beat a 5-Star Readers Review or a Bestseller Tag

  5. Create a Video for your Book

  6. Create a Checklist or a Workbook or just share wallpapers

  7. Offer Exclusivity

  8. Your Virtual Book Launch Event

Tell me in the comments which one did you like best.

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