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How I made nearly $1000 with my books

June 2019 was the first month when I made $986 in royalties from my books. 

And I did it with only 3 published books in my NOW bestselling series Sam Wick Thrillers.

So, how I did it?

Lets dive right in. 


A little bit about myself

I started writing my first book in 2008.

Published it in 2010 with a small time traditional publisher.

The genre was romance.

It was an instant bestseller with sales in excess of 20,000 copies in the first few months.

Luck I guess.

Based on that book’s success, I had high hopes of becoming an overnight millionaire


I saw my royalty check.



I went fuming to my publisher’s office and then….

he showed me the publishing contract I had signed.

In my happiness of getting accepted by a publisher, I had signed for a royalty rate that was worse than pathetic.

Though I checked that it was a low number but at that time 

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