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How I Grew My Email List from Zero to 6,000 in just 60 days?

There is no better time than now to be an author, but more opportunities mean more competition. If you want to lead the pack, you need to know how to launch your book at a cost that makes it easier to turn a profit.

The easiest way to do that is still via email.


Download this FREE book (Worth $9.99) to discover how I grew my email list from Zero to 6,000 Readers in just Sixty Days!​


Hola, I'm the Chief Scribbler 


I have spent 10+ years writing stories and marketing them. I’ve failed and succeeded over the years, and these are my stories on how I started my author business, perfected marketing, and more.

Here you'll find resources to help you kick more ass with your words. No fluff, only actionable tips, and tricks if you are looking to make a living through writing, or just use it as a side hustle.

Want to say hi, email me at

Things I like: Long walks, Reading about anything and everything, Telling stories and chess.

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